Monday, January 23, 2012

Tri-color ripple blankets

I have been working for sometime now on a couple of baby blankets for two twin girls that are due to be born in April. I got a big order that has kept me pretty busy, but I just wanted to post a quick update. This is a simple pattern based on 14 stitch increments. I chained 154 (11 times 14). I plan to post better instructions later but it is basically: double stitch into 4th chain, then 4 more double stitches, next do 2 subtracting double stitches across( this makes the "valley") 4 more regular double crochet stitches, then work 2 double crochet stitches into the following two holes (this makes the "mountain") then follow the same pattern until the end. Always work two stitches into the very last hole, then chain 3, turn and work first stitch into the same whole (don't skip that one like you normally would)

Ok so that was probably not helpful for very many people, so I will try to get those visual aids up soon, as well as the finished products.

Thanks for stopping in!

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