Monday, January 2, 2012

Bottle top magnets

Virtually cost free souvenir!
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I'm usually traveling abroad on a very tight budget, and have lots of people to bring gifts back to. This causes two dilemmas; I cant afford  to spend much, and I have no room in my backpack. This dandy little craft fixes both of those problems. The last time I was in Peru I just decided to save some bottle caps (you can even just find them lying around) from some drinks and or beers that we do not have imported here to the U.S., I actually had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time. Today I just picked up a 2.99 roll of magnetic tape and threw these together. super cute and easy. The foreign brands make for a great conversation piece, or you could just use coke bottle tops like I did for one of them.

Really all I did was hammer the little guys into shape (only on the ones that were deformed form the bottle cap opener) fill them with hot glue, topped off the glue with some felt (this was to give a flat surface on the back) then hot glued the small magnet to the back. Done! took me like 5 minutes to finish all of them.

I'm sure the materials I used could easily be substituted with things you have around the house too.

Thanks for reading!

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