Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade Wedding Photos

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Personalized ceramic cake-topper: made by me
 This little piece was the biggest hit of the night. Ceramics was my minor in college and I absolutely love doing it. I find the whole process fascinating from mixing the clay to trying out glaze recipes. It incorporates my interest in science and love for art. Since ceramics is such a huge interest for me I really wanted to incorporate it into the wedding. The leather-hard and bone-dry shots here are actually not the same as the finished piece. Tragically after working on the little guys for over a week, I dropped them when loading them into the kiln, so I had to start all over. It all worked out though, things usually come out better the second time around. The pieces were originally going to be coated with a matte white engobe(slip), however, I decided that I would loos some of the small details that way and ended up painting them with acrylics. I was pretty please with the outcome but I plan to experiment with the same idea using an engobe or a glaze. 

Crochet wedding bouquet: made by me
There are several reasons why this bouquet was great alternative to having fresh flowers. As is likely obvious by this point I do a lot of crochet, and it is something I was sure that I wanted to incorporate into my wedding. This bouquet will be equally colorful and pretty 50 years from now, and I can hand it down as a family keepsake. Also the yarn used is very special to our family. It was finger spun my husbands grandmother and we hand dyed it yourself. It was such a beautiful gift, and experience for us I will be writing my next post all about it with all the beautiful film photos we took there.

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Customized arch valence: made by an artisan in Andahuaylas, Peru
This beautiful piece was one of our many attempts to bring the beauty and color of Yonid's homeland into the event. It was my design, and I was ecstatic about how it came out. It is really well made too, it took the guy about a week to make it. The picture on the top also shows the Peruvian fabrics that we placed over the stone benches and the Mexican paper flowers we made.

Crochet boutonniere: made by me
My dad and Yonid both had crochet boutonnieres that were embellished with tulle, felt, and buttons

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Homemade music: made by my sweet Yonid 
Not sure if music counts as being homemade but I just wanted to include it because it was the highlight of the wedding when Yonid sang me "Un Pacto con Dios" by Rabito. I also want to make a special shout out to my awesome friends Krissy and Sean Matherne for playing a beautiful duet while I walked down the isle.

Yonid and I got married on Nov. 15, 2011 at the Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, Texas. The location was breath-taking. The whole wedding was planned in one week. Due to some issues with our Fiance Visa he and I were stuck in Peru and missed our original wedding date. Since this wedding was such a small group, we plan on having another big wedding party sometime in March or April 2012 to celebrate with a more extended group of friends and family.

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! Your cake toppers are amazing! You are so talented! So happy for you and Yonid. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!